Swim 21


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The swim21 website has been updated and is ready for use to all clubs.

Your secretary/swim21 organiser will have received a link where you need to login
with your club identification (e.g. ATHN) plus the ASA ID of the person with the login link
(your secretary or swim21 organiser)

You will then sent to a page where you change your password. Re-enter your password to verify they are the same and you will arrive at your swim21 page.

When choosing a password look for one with a minimum of 8 characters with a mixture of upper and lower case letters plus numbers for example choose a word with vowels a, i and o in it and substitute the vowels for numbers as follows:

'frontcrawl' would become Fr0ntcr4wL a very strong password

There are 21 tasks - click here for the full list